Bismillah, alhamdulillah

Have you ever thought
How every freedom is wrought
Imprisonment the other side of the coin
But the furtive see not the join

Freedom to some: fresh air
Sin and piety? Why care?
Bird like they perch on any tree
Chirping, we are born free

But if you were to pause
To reflect on effect and cause
Wings elegant and feathered
But its nest to a tree tethered

Legs stilt like and light
But bereft of an earthly creatures might
While in the air you are free
On land, a fugitive having to flee

Turn your mind to human eyes
If free to gaze at everything  one spies
They turn you into prisoners of desire
Forever needing to climb the pleasure spire

From God’s slavery, if you turn away
Earthly masters hunt you as prey
From an afterlife you escape in mirth
Yet yourself, you shackle to the earth

Don’t you realise that there is no escape
Freedom alone, is nothing but a mind scape
Your blood gushes when passions flow
Yet you age with its every ebb and flow

What price do you pay
For the hedonistic way
Wine of delicious delight
Tied to dregs hidden from sight

Freedom, a single sided sword?
An ancient lie against your Lord
Every freedom comes with a jail
Flee one, yet to the other you must sail

There is no escape from this pair
So choose your freedoms with care
Escape, a journey from cage  to cage
So pause and select as a sage

The freedom of Islam, I invite you to
But twinned with a prison cell it is too
The world’s alluring desires, imprison!
For this set every sail from mast to mizzen

The one who, his desire, restrained
For the stand ordained
In front of His Lord
Paradise, verily, his abode
(The Quran, The Pullers of Souls, 79:40-41)