Bismillah, alhamdulillah:
Caught in an inhuman race
A torrent of targets we face
Set by others in a far away place
Are they like us or an inhuman race?
Numbers to them, the language of the divine
With it, the future, they seek to divine
The world we live in, firmly in their grip
Driven by their statistical whip
Restless and impatient, our woes
Greed and anxiety, our internal foes
Our connection to The One
For most has vanished and gone
Score filled report cards from teachers
Education chopped into neat little features
Whatever happened to those that inspire?
Sir! Madam! Archaic thoughts left to expire
Hospital death rates! They do not lie!
But where does sadness of the sick lie?
On this race to measure and weigh
Haven’t we all lost our way?
War against the revered and old
That was what Mao’s Red Army told
How did the march, to the new?
Make us loose our human view?
Like ships unanchored in an ocean
We have become bereft of a destination
Pitiable is our human plight
As we arrive at our twilight
Bereft of God, our world is an empty void
Our daily routines akin to a drone or droid
The dreams we see, by others are drawn

Chase them we do, without fail, every dawn
God they painted as remote and absent
Yet messenger after messenger He sent
His words they obscured till the Quran came
Then they resorted to diversion as their game
Our minds lie somewhere  far away
Fooled by a fake image overlay
Our phones hold us in perpetual hypnosis
Invisible to us, our spiritual stasis
Lo! man was created anxious,
Fretful when evil befalls him
And, when good befalls him, grudging;
Except those who pray 
The Quran, The Ascending Stairways (70:19-26)