Bismillah, alhamdulillah: inspired by people walking towards the houses – the houses of God.

Where are they going?

Squash court, tennis, friends?

In, out, to work or other errands?

None of the above they say

As they quietly make their way

Where are they going?

Pausing their thrilling lives,

With a polite smile they leave their wives

Kids brawling, screaming and calling

But forward still they are proceeding

Where are they going?

Some on foot or cars shiny and black

Others on two wheeled horseback

Are they after a prize?

Where are they heading is it a surprise?

Where are they going?

Some once, others twice

For a few fortunate ones five times

Winding over pathways

Across lawns and down hallways

Where are they going?

Responding to the floating call

That arrives at every fortified wall

Through the air comes the calling

But few are found listening

Where are they going?

To His house where furniture there is none

To stand in rows in unison

They arrive with every step growing

As the angels stand recording

Where are we going?

At the next invitation to success

Let it not slip into a dark recess

From our houses to His let us proceed

And plant in our records a righteous seed