Bismilah, alhamdulillah. A poem reflecting on the lives of cleaners in the world (2016)
Silent lives their lot in life
Manual work their work and strife
Their faces tired and haggard
Hands coarse and hard
Brushes sweep from wall to wall
Faint swishes  audible to all
But no audience stays in the room
None wish to enjoy their gloom
What they miss, a sharp eye can see
Should we call out or let them walk free?
Is their misery in life an excuse?
Or is it a matter of abuse?
Poverty pulls them from their best
Hunched shoulders a sign of their lack of zest
Before everyone comes back
They will melt into earthly corners black
Like us, they too are earthly denizens
But they are our fellow forgotten citizens
Can empathy guide us to their to their need?
Or are we too busy with our greed?