Bismillah, alhamdulillah: A reflection on teenage rebel

The joy that filled the air

Now lies silent, in despair

Was it freedom you sought?

Its false promise you bought

Obedience to you a term obsolete

Left on the pile of terms to delete

The pair that brought your fore

Within you, their respect no more

For every choice you make

There is a turn you take

Either towards the door of Rayyan

Or to the embrace of Shaytan

Your friends write on your soul

Your very heart firmly in their control

His call a distant ding

To you perhaps an echo of nothing

In your silence who do you hear

Your friends or those near and dear?

Do tears to your eye flood?

Or does rebellion boil in your blood?

Is the glitter of this world all you see?

The mirage of the river of glee

Or do you pang for the road

That leads to widest final abode?

Isn’t it time for the volcano to cease?

For you to find inner peace?

Heedless in your rush you ran

To the cliff’s end your final span

Let the words of wisdom leave

Their marks on chests that heave

Like a gentle draft time slips

Will repentance embrace your lips?