Bismillah, alhamdulillah: Inspired by my daily journey from my flat to the local masjid or mosque in a suburb of Cairo (2004)

Down I go in full flow, not fast not slow
Through the doors, into the outdoors
The call has come, for everyone

Past the puddle, I trundle
Date tree on my left, of dates bereft
Concrete street, under my feet

Passed Snow White, the clothes  so bright
Cars hooting, as they pass driving
Bells ringing, cyclists whizzing

Right at the bins, full of tins
Guarded by cats, in this city of flats
Passed the meat shop, sad chickens awaiting the chop

Left at the chemist, passed the footballers  I twist.
The green gates appear, as the world beings to disappear
The second call, reaches me at the wall

Through the simple door, onto the masjid floor
Hands rising, behind me the world is  falling
I join my line, at the behest of the Sublime.