Bismillah, alhamdulillah: Inspired by by the struggle of a small one (2005).

Clocks tick quietly on walls,
Waiting as His decree falls,
Eyes shed tears,
Hearts beat between hopes and fears.

Minds running through a maze,
Seeking light through the haze,
Reflections we begin to see,
As we learn what is empathy.

To Our Lord Most High and Merciful,
Supplications rise hopeful,
For our blessed Prophet we first pray,
Now understanding comes like the first break of day.

In every face of life,
He stands a guide for a world with tests rife,
Was it not his son Ibrahim?
A source of tears on a face so pristine.

O Allah on your blessed Prophet`s face,
We ask Your blessings and peace to grace,
Yesterday patience was knowledge,
Today in the practical world for it we forage.

To our Lord, Most High,
We turn, never questioning `Why?`
Gratitude we learn through His design,
Through it the fortuitous see the divine.

To beautiful hearts praying to the Knower of the Unseen,
May the angels bless your efforts with their aameen,
From destiny to destiny we flee,
Our hearts tipped with hope of our Lord`s Mercy.