Bismillah, alhamdulillah: Inspired by the study of human anatomy (1990)

Your body an enigma
With scalpel and knife
I shall slit thee without rife
Innards captured no more a dogma

Full of hope and glory
To your pages I seek
Flesh bound in fibres sleek
Timeless melodies I play
With a sharpened bow of steel
Silent notes arise
Lamenting in anguish it cries

As muscles I peel
Figure once hidden from prying eyes
Now open, in front of me it lies
Like hands that cast aside a reddened veil

Rivers of blood run dry
Streams and lakes parched
Winding pathways sheathed
Upon which messengers ride
On fiery steeds with lightning at their side

Now no hoof beats pound
The shudders of life, shattered
Left a silent noise
A warning to prying eyes