Bismillah, alhamdulillah: a sinner’s last moments

How will you be, wonder I
When he becomes visible to your eye
One moment sitting care free
Then he appears, other unable to see

Your heart quickens with fear or hope?
As you realise your life’s diminshed scope
Disease, murder, accident whatever
Excuses to mark the start of forever

Arrived you have at your stop last
The miserable moments of your life flash past
What lies beyond mirrored in his face
Light and bright or a menacing grimace?

His hands stretch forth to your face,
Do you rush forward to greet the embrace?
Or squirm caught in your body’s cell
Afraid of the nineteen from Hell

Let me go! One moment you try to buy
With that practiced lie
Five times I will pray!
Just let me go today!

Disbelief till the end, but now
I shall change and show you how
Twenty four hours please
Let me pass today with ease

Music again I shall not listen
With haraam my lips will not glisten
From usury and deception I shall depart
Impede me not! Have you no heart?

Cold hands touch your lips
As your soul rips
Caught in the agonal haze
As you slip into the barzakh phase