Bismillah, alhamdulillah: Found this on a withered old paper. The spidery writing on the page reminded me of a poem I had written in 1994 called `Perfect Wife`, inspired by conversations of those in search of her.

A perfect wife
A life without strife

Height compatible though a bit less
Allowing me to impress

Not fat, not thin
Just trim

Beautiful without compare
A harness for my wandering stare

Faith like the Everest
Shrouded by hijabs black and thickest

A wit and education
Coupled with frequent prayers and supplication

A mother of many
A defender of my house and every penny

As for me
I am as you see

Judge me not by my height
And in weight I am not very light

Homework my bane
Washing, hoovering all a pain

Kids are bawling
Mother, mother they are calling

Content to ask for all
Aah, as for me, what I offer is very small

Prayers and supplication wanting
Manners and etiquette awaiting

Bent ribs are my despair
Bent beyond repair

To the distance I turn my gaze
Only to find a misty haze

To the face on my wall I stare
As I realise the cause of my despair.