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A message from the Statue of Liberty

Bismillah, alhamdulillah: came across this interesting sonnet welcoming immigrants to the USA. It is supposed to exist on a plaque placed on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. A Muslim sociologist may comment that the rise of the USA is a consequence of their good behaviour with their fellow men, especially the oppressed, for God is not unfair and rewards the non Muslim for his or her efforts in this world.

Here is an excerpt:

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

The sonnet was written by a Saphardic Jew, it is called The New Colossus.


The Kuiper Belt and God

Bismillah, alhamdulillah: to those who pause and think this thought will be just amazing. For life to exist on Earth, we need water. Compared to its next door neighbour planets, Venus and Mars, the amount of water on the Earth is extremely huge. So how did it all get here?

The ratio of isotopes of hydrogen in water on the Earth happen to match that of asteroids in outer space. But such asteroids happen to live very far away from the sun in The Kuiper Belt. So how do they get from there to the Earth?

To bring this about you need the force of gravity to pull such an asteroid in from the far reaches of the solar system but the Earth is just too small. What is needed is a planet that is huge compared to the Earth, in the right place and the right distance from the Earth to direct an asteroid to the Earth. Does there happen to be such a planet in our solar system?

Yes, Jupiter, our local solar system giant, happens to be the right distance from the Earth, right size and orbits the sun in the same plane as the Earth! That is why scientists now are beginning to realise that without this intricate arrangement there could not have been water or life on the Earth.

Hearing this one can only say: SubhanAllah! How perfect God is! The chance of such a setup coming into place randomly to allow a roaming asteroid to be drawn in from the Kuiper Belt by a giant neighbouring planet so that water could be brought to the Earth is effectively ZERO.

سَنُرِيهِمْ ءَايَـٰتِنَا فِى ٱلْـَٔافَاقِ وَفِىٓ أَنفُسِهِمْ حَتَّىٰ يَتَبَيَّنَ لَهُمْ أَنَّهُ ٱلْحَقُّ ۗ أَوَلَمْ يَكْفِ بِرَبِّكَ أَنَّهُۥ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَىْءٍ شَهِيدٌ ﴿٥٣﴾

We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness? [Quran 41.53]

The Freedom Coin (Poem)

Bismillah, alhamdulillah

Have you ever thought
How every freedom is wrought
Imprisonment the other side of the coin
But the furtive see not the join

Freedom to some: fresh air
Sin and piety? Why care?
Bird like they perch on any tree
Chirping, we are born free

But if you were to pause
To reflect on effect and cause
Wings elegant and feathered
But its nest to a tree tethered

Legs stilt like and light
But bereft of an earthly creatures might
While in the air you are free
On land, a fugitive having to flee

Turn your mind to human eyes
If free to gaze at everything  one spies
They turn you into prisoners of desire
Forever needing to climb the pleasure spire

From God’s slavery, if you turn away
Earthly masters hunt you as prey
From an afterlife you escape in mirth
Yet yourself, you shackle to the earth

Don’t you realise that there is no escape
Freedom alone, is nothing but a mind scape
Your blood gushes when passions flow
Yet you age with its every ebb and flow

What price do you pay
For the hedonistic way
Wine of delicious delight
Tied to dregs hidden from sight

Freedom, a single sided sword?
An ancient lie against your Lord
Every freedom comes with a jail
Flee one, yet to the other you must sail

There is no escape from this pair
So choose your freedoms with care
Escape, a journey from cage  to cage
So pause and select as a sage

The freedom of Islam, I invite you to
But twinned with a prison cell it is too
The world’s alluring desires, imprison!
For this set every sail from mast to mizzen

The one who, his desire, restrained
For the stand ordained
In front of His Lord
Paradise, verily, his abode
(The Quran, The Pullers of Souls, 79:40-41)


Caught in an inhuman race (Poem)

Bismillah, alhamdulillah:
Caught in an inhuman race
A torrent of targets we face
Set by others in a far away place
Are they like us or an inhuman race?
Numbers to them, the language of the divine
With it, the future, they seek to divine
The world we live in, firmly in their grip
Driven by their statistical whip
Restless and impatient, our woes
Greed and anxiety, our internal foes
Our connection to The One
For most has vanished and gone
Score filled report cards from teachers
Education chopped into neat little features
Whatever happened to those that inspire?
Sir! Madam! Archaic thoughts left to expire
Hospital death rates! They do not lie!
But where does sadness of the sick lie?
On this race to measure and weigh
Haven’t we all lost our way?
War against the revered and old
That was what Mao’s Red Army told
How did the march, to the new?
Make us loose our human view?
Like ships unanchored in an ocean
We have become bereft of a destination
Pitiable is our human plight
As we arrive at our twilight
Bereft of God, our world is an empty void
Our daily routines akin to a drone or droid
The dreams we see, by others are drawn

Chase them we do, without fail, every dawn
God they painted as remote and absent
Yet messenger after messenger He sent
His words they obscured till the Quran came
Then they resorted to diversion as their game
Our minds lie somewhere  far away
Fooled by a fake image overlay
Our phones hold us in perpetual hypnosis
Invisible to us, our spiritual stasis
Lo! man was created anxious,
Fretful when evil befalls him
And, when good befalls him, grudging;
Except those who pray 
The Quran, The Ascending Stairways (70:19-26)

I invite you to Islam, by reflecting over our fleeting lives

Bismillah (in the name of God), alhamdulillah (praise and thanks belong to God): The Quran teaches us that the heavens and the earth were one and then split apart to commence the formation of the universe:


Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe? (Quran, The Prophets, 21:30)

To help us understand how brief our existence on this planet is, a thought came to my mind the other day. Imagine a large crystal of glass being thrown with force to the ground. In the microseconds following impact, the pieces crack and then fly apart. Let’s go a step further: imagine that on one of the countless shards of glass an even more fleeting form of life lives, develops, and happens to observe the universe of glass around it. If they looked  out from their shard world to see their glass universe they would see during their life time that the universe itself was apparently suspended in mid air as if frozen by time.

But to the outside observer looking in at this fleeting glass universe, it is clear that the lives of the shard beings is so fleeting that it almost non-existent. For intelligent beings living on their shard world, they may have noticed even in their brief existence there is evidence to show that both they and their universe are just a brief blip in the expanse of forever. The example to me, brings home the incredibly short lives we lead on this planet and in our universe.

Science paints a picture of the birth of the universe which resembles this crystal of glass exploding apart. It also underlines the timescales of the universe and our fleeting existence relative to it. If we accept the materialistic interpretation of these events and deny our spiritual after life we can only come to the conclusion that our lives are so short that they are pointless.

But when we think this thought, an inner voice speaks to us and says that this conclusion is wrong. If we did not have this inner voice and believe it to be true we would have ceased to exist many centuries ago. If life has no point then there is no point to obeying the law, helping others, writing books, sharing our thoughts having children and so on.

Yet many of us continue to ignore it. It is this inner voice that makes us realise our lives are not pointless but that they have a purpose. The existence of man and the progress of civilisation is a clear proof that our inner voice has an effect on us. If our partial attention has given us so much benefit what would happen if we gave our inner voice the full attention it deserves?

Let us try and amplify our inner voice. We find this naturally happens when we reflect over the universe. This tells us that the source or author of this inner voice and the originator of the universe are one and the same, a singular source. Though the universe is so vast our inner voice echoes inside it. As we are from this universe, we come to another conclusion: the author of this inner voice is our creator.

The complexity of the universe around us and the fact that this inner voice appeals to our intelligence leads us to one more conclusion: the author of the inner voice, creator of the universe, is amazingly intelligent and capable. Our fleetingly short duration of life leads us to one more conclusion that we are wholly dependent on the creator, while the creator is independent of us and this universe. Our dependence on the creator and the creator’s independence from leads to the conclusion that the creator existed before us and will exist after us.

So we know we have a purpose, but what is it? Whatever the answer, it lies with our creator. If our creator has placed an inner voice inside us and a universe that amplifies this inner voice, it shows that we can reach the answer and it has a strong connection with our creator. The word in every human language that is used for an intelligent creator is, God. Our search is for God.

Our quest seems very difficult but we if we rely on the simple conclusions of our reflection over our inner voice and its place in the universe we can say the following: There is only one God. A caring God who has not left us in the dark but given us an inner voice. A God that we need to help us find our purpose. A God who does not need us as our existence is so brief and so must have always existed and will exist forever. A wise God who has given a message that appeals to our sense. A God whose amazing creation of the universe, along with our connection to it, bear witness that there is no equal to God.

Just as our inner voice finds a resonance with the universe that exists around us, is there a message that is ascribed to God, a religion, that resonates with our inner voice? Is there any religion that amplifies what we hear within us?

If we briefly reflect over the religions of this world we always find that their resonance with our inner voice is defective: Christianity requires the independent God to be dependent on a son. Judaism limits itself to some when the inner voice is universal. Buddhists accept the inner voice but do not allow it to echo in the universe to discover the single creator and deny God. The Hindus consider everything a god but the inner voice is single. The secular creationists consider the Creator is one, universal but not intelligent and not independent. The dualists believe in two while the animists, like the Hindus believe in many gods, yet God is only one.

Is there no religion that perfectly resonates with the reflections of our inner voice? Here is what the religion of Islam says about God:

Say, “He is God, [who is] One,
God, the One everyone seeks.
He has not given birth and was not born
And there is no equivalent to Him
(The Quran, Sincerity, 112)

The above chapter is a central, unchanging and consistent description of God that is found in the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him). As you can see its resonance with our inner voice is perfect.

If the book of Islam, the Quran, resonates with the inner voice of man, we are left with one conclusion. The author of our inner voice, the Quran, and the creator of the universe are the one and same, God. I therefore invite you to accept where your inner voice takes you. I invite you to become a Muslim, a follower of Islam – the religion of the inner voice.


The meaning of سوى sawwa of the heavens QS 2 29 3

QS 002 029 3.png




The meaning of istiwaa and the meaning of the dua for a car




Is everything on the Earth made for man? QS 002 029 1

هُوَ ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ لَكُم مَّا فِى ٱلْأَرْضِ جَمِيعًا ثُمَّ ٱسْتَوَىٰٓ إِلَى ٱلسَّمَآءِ فَسَوَّىٰهُنَّ سَبْعَ سَمَـٰوَٰتٍ ۚ وَهُوَ بِكُلِّ شَىْءٍ عَلِيمٌ ﴿٢٩

It is He who created for you

all of that which is on the earth.

Then He directed Himself … , [His being above all creation],

… to the heavenand made them seven heavens,

and He is Knowing of all things.



002 028 كَيْفَ تَكْفُرُونَ بِٱللَّهِ وَكُنتُمْ أَمْوَ‌ٰتًا

كَيْفَ تَكْفُرُونَ بِٱللَّهِ وَكُنتُمْ أَمْوَ‌ٰتًا فَأَحْيَـٰكُمْ ۖ ثُمَّ يُمِيتُكُمْ ثُمَّ يُحْيِيكُمْ ثُمَّ إِلَيْهِ تُرْجَعُونَ ﴿٢٨﴾

How can you disbelieve in Allah

? / !!

كيف تؤذى أباك وقد رباك؟

They … they .. YOU!

[ط] التفات من الغيبة إلى الخطاب لزيادة تقريعهم والتعجب من أحوالهم الغريبة، لأنهم مع هم ما يدعو إلى الإيمان ومع ذلك فهم منصرفون إلى الكفر

when you were lifeless and He brought you to life;

أَمْوَ‌ٰتًا :
مَيْتٌ، مَيِّتٌ، ةٌ – ج: ـون، ـات، أَمْوَاتٌ، مَوْتَى. [م و ت]

1. nonexistant v create :

هَلْ أَتى عَلَى الْإِنْسانِ حِينٌ مِنَ الدَّهْرِ لَمْ يَكُنْ شَيْئاً مَذْكُوراً.

2. lifeless in the pre-soul stage v living after the soul

then He will cause you to die,

then He will bring you [back] to life,

If He can bring you to life when you did not exist, bringing you back to life after you exist is not only possible but easier.

and then to Him

alone and no one else

you will be returned

To get your reward or punishment




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